Age Ichiban Senbei

A fried senbei rice cracker with a crispy and pleasant texture that is deep-fried in hot oil and finished with a hint of honey for a gentle sweetness.
Flavor: Senbei (rice cracker), Soy

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Non-glutinous rice (US, Japan), vegetable oils and fats, soy sauce, sugar, honey, non-glutinous rice flour (US), dextrin, starch, spices, protein hydrolysate, seafood extract seasoning/sorbitol, processed starch, trehalose, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), colorants (paprika pigments, caramel), acidity (partly wheat, mackerel and soybeans)

Nutritional Facts

1 bag (7g)
39g of calories
0.3g protein
2.4g fat
4.1g carbohydrate
55mg sodium





Shelf Life

7 Months