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75 Piece Dagashi Set

75 Piece Dagashi Set

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Umaibo (x8) • Corn Puff Chips (x2) • Warugaki Beer • Bake Chocolate (x2) • Shimi Corn Chocolate (x2) • Marshuro Twist (x2) • Mochitaro Chips (x2) • Pandaro Cookie (x2) • Candy Piece (x3) • Fruit Juice Gummy (x2) • Fruit Box Gum (x2) • Abekko Ramune (x2) • Koguma Gummies • Konpeito (x2) • Hello Kitty Marshmallow • Pota Yaki Rice Cracker • Chocolate Blister Pack (x2) • Nericho DIY Candy • King's Crown Cookie • Mini Bottle Sherbet • Fue Whistle Ramune • Yattamen Noodles • Ichigo Daifuku Marshmallow • Sody Gummy (x2) • Hi-Chew (x3) • Baby Star Ramen • Pachi Pachi Panic • Mochan Dango Mochi • Dora Chocolate Cakes • County Ma'am Cookie (x2) • Uncle Pieru's Roll Cake • Fortune Telling Ramune • Donguri Gum (x2) • Rilakkuma Gummi • Puku Puku Tai Wafer • Ninjin Rice Puffs • Shapero Sherbet Dip • Mix Mochi • Chocolate Pie (x2) • Pudding Daifuku Marshmallow • Kuppi Ramune (x2) • Watagashi Cotton Candy • Nigi Nigi Osushi Gummy • Caramel Corn • Mini Onigiri • Sour Gum Roullette • JR Chocolate • Monster Stamp •

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