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Kaneka Fruit Gummy Bundle

Kaneka Fruit Gummy Bundle

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8 Bags of Fruity Flavors from around Japan; Grape, Strawberry, Melon, Blueberry, Mandarin, Apple, Hascup, Shonan Gold Premium Gumi

Immerse yourself in the delightful flavors of Japan with this Kaneka Japanese Prefecture Fruit Gummy Bundle! Savor the authentic taste of eight different fruity varieties, each one representing a distinct region of Japan. From the luscious grape gummies to the juicy strawberry, refreshing melon, tangy blueberry, zesty mandarin, crisp apple, and the exotic Hascup and Shonan Gold Premium Gumi, this bundle is a true celebration of Japan's diverse and flavorful bounty. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these gummies are not only bursting with flavor but also boast a delightful chewy texture that will transport you to the streets of Japan with every bite. Indulge in this delectable assortment and embark on a delicious journey through the Land of the Rising Sun. Each bag contains approximately 40g of gummies.

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