Calpis Marshmallows


These marshmallows have a jelly heart inside which tastes like Calpis, a Japanese soft drink with a milky taste, wrapped in fluffy marshmallows.
Flavor: Vanilla

Collapsible content


Starch syrup (domestic production), sugar, maltose, glucose, gelatin, cornstarch (non-genetically modified), dairy products (sterilized lactobacillus beverage), fermented milk powder, soybean protein (non-genetically modified)/sorbitol, acidifier, gelling agent (pectin: apple-derived), flavoring

Nutritional Facts

15g per bag
Energy (kcal) 51
protein (g) 0.4
lipid (g) 0.0
Carbohydrates (g) 12.3
Salt equivalent (g) 0.01





Shelf Life

5 Months