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Sakura Box

At Sakura Box, we’ve been curating Japanese snack boxes for over a decade to provide Americans everywhere with the tastiest treats and variety of candies straight from Japan. These assorted Japanese snack boxes make perfect gifts for the special ones in your life, with a number of shareable sizes to choose from, no subscriptions required. 

Each snack box comes with an information and ingredient leaflet, so you and the lucky recipient know exactly what’s inside and if there is anything that would trigger allergies, as well as vegetarian options. You can also bulk buy your favorite Japanese snacks and candies, so you’ll have plenty of perfect treats for that special event.


The Best Japanese Snacks in the USA

Each bag and box is chock-full of authentic Japanese snacks straight from Japan, delivered across the USA. We hand-pick and curate our collection so you get the best variety and quality of flavors possible. And to make your experience that much better, we go above and beyond. 

Authentic Japanese Snacks

We aim to provide you with a genuine taste of Japanese culture and to enhance their culinary experiences. Authentic Japanese snacks have unique flavors and textures unfamiliar to the American palate, offering a delightful exploration of taste you can share with your friends, family or colleagues. 

The intricate packaging and presentation synonymous with Japanese snacks and candy add aesthetic value as well, making them sought-after gifts or collectables. By importing directly from Japan, we ensure quality and authenticity, distinguishing these offerings from locally produced imitations.

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We have a wide range of curated candy and snack boxes and bulk candy options available, from traditional chocolates, to crackers - biscuits and gummies, there’s something for anyone, kids and adults alike. 

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