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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Japanese Snack Box?

A Japanese snack box is exactly what it sounds like, with authentic snacks straight from the land of sakura blossoms. But the Japanese treat snacks rather differently from the way we do here in the States. For Japan, it's an art form, a celebration of taste and presentation. 

Nothing expresses this better than the humble but charming Dagashi snacks. Whilst there isn’t a direct American translation, the closest we may have is ‘Cent Candy’. These types of snacks and candies were designed for Japanese children to pick up at the store, and were cheap and colorful, not to mention tasty. 

Dagashi snacks have actually been around for more than 300 years in Japan. Back in the Edo period, they were made with simple ingredients such as corn or cornstarch instead of expensive sugar like they are today. These delicious, light snacks have been beloved for decades and continue to be made by smaller and lesser-known makers. But often they don’t often make it overseas, which is why we believe it is so important to bring them to American folks. 

All of our Japanese snack boxes are curated to have the tastiest treats that make great gifts for family, friends, or coworkers.  Try 20-pieces if you want to start off and explore Japanese candy if you haven’t had a chance to try it before. If you're a seasoned snack-enthusiast, you can go up to a 50-piece box,  they’re made for sharing with a large number of people and a great gift that makes a big impact.

What Snacks Can I Expect in a Japanese Snack Box?

We pack plenty of tasty Japanese chocolates, cookies, wafers, umaibo, share packs of senbei rice crackers, fried ramen, potato snacks, caramel corn, various ramune and soft candy.

We also include an array of traditional Japanese sweets such as konpeito, kanten jelly & mochi, as well Japanese teas, sodas and DIY candy kits.

Some of the most popular items include:

  • Kit Kats - Famous the world over, Japanese Kit Kats come in some very unique flavors.
  • Mochi - Soft and Spongy Traditional Japanese Rice Cake Wagashi Sweets.
  • Umaibo - A crispy hollow tube corn puff stick coated in delicious sauces.
  • Hi-Chew - Soft and chewy, this double-layered taffy candy is bursting with juicy fruit flavors.
  • Konpeito - Sugar-based candy made by repeatedly coating a sugar syrup over a grain of coarse sugar until the grain grows over several days, eventually becoming a tiny bulged ball of ‘konpeito’.

And many, many more!

Are Japanese Snack Boxes Suitable for Gifting?

Certainly! Japanese snack boxes make ideal gifts due to their unique flavors, eye-catching packaging, and the experience of exploring a different culture's treats. They cater to a variety of tastes, from sweet to savory. 

Beyond just being delicious, these snack boxes can provide an educational opportunity, as recipients can learn about the traditions and stories behind each snack. For those with adventurous palates or a love for Japanese culture, these boxes are a delightful treat. However, it's essential to consider dietary restrictions or allergies before gifting to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the recipient.

Do you Offer Halal or Vegetarian Japanese Snack Boxes?

We do! Our 30-Piece Vegetarian/Halal Friendly Dagashi Set, is the perfect vegetarian snack option to cater to a diverse range of dietary requirements. Now you can get a gift that ensures inclusivity at a range of gatherings. 

By providing such options in our Japanese snack range, we want to cater to diverse preferences but also promote a broader understanding and appreciation of different culinary traditions and values in the USA. After all, experiencing new cultures and traditions is what we love about getting snacks from Japan.

What Sizes of Japanese Snack Boxes Are Available?

We have a variety of sizes for our authentic Japanese snack boxes:

Curated Sizes: 

Or you can buy in bulk, and choose your favorite candy snacks. This way, you can get individual Japanese snacks and candy shipped to your door.

How Do I Order a Japanese Snack Box?

We provide carefully curated snacks and next-day delivery options to anywhere in the USA, straight to your doorstep. 

Check out our general FAQs and learn about our 30-day refund policy. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly.

Japanese Snack Boxes

At Sakura Box, we love the taste of authentic Japanese food, especially their snacks and candies. That's why we hand-pick authentic Japanese snack boxes and deliver them straight to your door, anywhere in the USA.

For over 11 years, we’ve been curating our boxes from a wide range of snacks and tasty treats to give you the best variety. From Kit Kats to Mochi candy, these are authentic snacks straight from the land of the rising sun. 

Our non-subscription Japanese candy and snack boxes make the perfect gifts for any special event, or if you know someone who just wants to try something new! 

Available in many different sizes and amounts, Japanese snacks and candy are known for having wild and unique flavors that are hard to find in America, at least not without a helping hand. Just take a look at our crazy collection of KitKats, available in strawberry, orange, and cheesecake, just to name a few. 

We don’t only have curated Japanese snack boxes, you can bulk buy candy and choose your faves. These are perfect for hosting events or if you’ve found a new daily snack you love to share. 

Each one of our Japanese snack boxes and individual candy packs comes with a product information and an ingredient leaflet. Now, you can check exactly what you’re eating, including any ingredients that would trigger allergies, and even directions on how to use certain snacks or sodas, just in case. 

So dig in and share the best Japanese snack boxes in the USA.