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Mochi - Traditional Japanese Wagashi Sweets

Mochi - Traditional Japanese Wagashi Sweets

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  • Soft Delicious Authentic Japanese Mochi Rice Cakes!
  • 130g (4.6oz) Bags - 10 Individually Wrapped Mochi
  • Label features English product ingredients, nutritional  & allergen information, and access to full product details.
  • Made by Mochi Specialists Seiki Japan 


Sakura - This rice cake has a chewy texture and is kneaded with sakura leaf powder, giving it an elegant cherry blossom scent.

Matcha - "Uji Matcha from Kyoto" is kneaded into the chewy rice cake. It features a rich matcha flavor.

Strawberry - The sweet and fragrant strawberry flavor is confined in a soft daifuku. Strawberries use Amaou puree from Fukuoka Prefecture.

Lemon - Setouchi lemon peel is kneaded into a soft mochi. The lemon peel inside the mochi has a crunchy texture, adding an accent to the soft mochi. It is characterized by the sourness of lemon and the refreshing sweetness of mochi.

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