Pandaro Butter Cookie


Pandaro Cookies are a delicious, popular treat in Japan and for a good reason. 

We include them in our Dagashi box sets, and they’ve proven a consistent hit with our customers time and time again.

So, what is it about these butter cookies that make them a go-to snack for many? Read on to learn more about this wonderful product and how you can have it delivered to you.

Flavor: Butter cookie

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Flour, sugar, vegetable oils and fats, butter, chicken eggs, milk powder, salt, (partly wheat, soybeans, milk ingredients, eggs)

Nutritional Facts

(Per 7g piece)
Calories 40 kcal
Fat 2g
Sodium 0.04g
Carbohydrates 5g
Protein 0g





Shelf Life

12 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pandaro Cookies?

When it comes to renowned Japanese snacks, Pandaro Cookies certainly stand out. This iconic cookie is not just a big hit in Japan, but has grown in popularity in many other parts of the world.

The famed panda-face design, in which the cookies can have a variety of different expressions, is just one part of what makes this simple, playful snack so beloved. 

As a Dagashi treat, it’s big with kids and adults alike, and is a great snack to share with friends and family.

Pandaro Butter Cookies for Every Occasion

Pandaro Cookies are a versatile goodie that can be enjoyed in almost any setting. 

You can have them as a morning or afternoon snack, as an after-dinner treat, add them to the mix at parties or picnics, and enjoy them with your next cup of tea or coffee.

Their bite-size nature makes them a great choice for a quick bite, too, when you need a little energy boost to get through the day.

Irresistible Japanese Butter Cookies

Pandaro Cookies are an absolute treat, with a flavor profile that perfectly balances the sweet and salty notes while staying lightweight and providing a pleasant, buttery aftertaste.

Where Can I Find Pandaro Cookies?

Right here at Sakura Box!

The Pandaro Butter Cookies are included in all Dagashi box sets, including the vegetarian / Halal-friendly set. The list of all applicable box sets are below for your convenience:

You can enjoy the Pandaro Butter Cookies with an array of other fantastic and iconic Japanese Dagashi treats. Our Dagashi boxes are a great way to experience the wealth of iconic Japanese treats that are a core part of the country’s culture and tradition.

With fast delivery across North America, you’ll receive an array of renowned and culturally significant snacks directly from Japan. In general, you’ll receive your package within 1-3 business days.

You can check out our general FAQs for answers to the most common questions we get from customers, and learn about our 30-day refund policy

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