Puccho Premium Mix


A limited edition variety mix pack of Puccho combining fruits and sodas. The flavors included are Peach, Ramune, Rich Grape, and Cola. There are 20 individually wrapped pieces. A random selection of: Crunchy bits with gummy candy and fizzy cool centers. Act fast because they will likely only be around for a few months!

Collapsible content


Starch syrup (domestically produced), sugar, vegetable processed oil, gelatin, fructose-glucose solution, sterilized lactic acid bacteria drink, concentrated fruit juice, grape puree, vegetable oil/acidifier, gelling agent (gum arabic, emulsifier, flavoring, Coloring agent (catinide, gardenia, anthocyanin), brightening agent, (contains milk component and gelatin in part)

Nutritional Facts

(Per 5g bag)
Calories 19kcal
Fat 0.3g
Sodium 0.001g
Carbohydrates 4.2g
Protein 0.1g




Shelf Life

12 Months