Tirol Chocolate


An adorable little chocolate in one of Tirol’s many original flavors.
Flavors: Nut Crunch, Coffee Nougat, Bis (biscuit), Almond, Milk, Strawberry Jelly, White (chocolate) & Cookie

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Sugar (foreign, domestic), whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vegetable oils and fats (including soybeans), cocoa butter, quasi-chocolate, cocoa cookies (including wheat), starch, biscuits, lactose, candy coat almonds, almonds, peanut paste, coffee, sweetened condensed milk powder, cream products.

Nutritional Facts

1 piece (7g)

Energy 28 kcal
0.4g protein
1.6g fat
3.0g carbohydrate
4mg sodium

coffee nougat
Energy 28 kcal
0.3g protein
1.6g lipid
3.7g carbohydrate
3mg sodium

Energy 38 kcal
0.5g protein
2.5g lipid
3.6g carbohydrates
6mg sodium

strawberry jelly
Energy 32 kcal
0.2g protein
1.6g lipid
4.2g carbohydrates
5mg sodium

Energy 36 kcal
0.5g protein
2.3g lipid
3.3g carbohydrate
3mg sodium

Energy 34 kcal
0.5g protein
2.2g lipid
3.4g carbohydrate
10mg sodium

White & Cookies
Energy 34 kcal
0.4g protein
1.9g lipid
3.9g carbohydrate
18mg sodium







Shelf Life

12 Months