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When you’re after authentic Japanese snacks and candy that have been lovingly curated, Sakura Box is the place to go. But with so many choices and variety available in our curated box range, you’re inevitably going to find a favorite. 

That's where bulk Japanese candy comes in! Pick from our assorted range of snacks and candy that come straight from Japan. From eccentrically flavored KitKats to elegantly scented mochi rice cakes, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

By buying in bulk, you’ll have ample Japanese snacks to share at home or work, with the savings passed on directly to you. Just like our curated Japanese snack boxes, our bulk candy range is chosen with only the best that Japan has to offer, available for fast delivery anywhere in North America. 

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Authentic Japanese Snacks

Ordering authentic Japanese snacks from us at Sakura Box directly offers you several unique advantages:

Authenticity and Variety

You’ll get access to a wide range of genuine Japanese snacks that may not be available locally. This includes regional specialties and limited-edition flavors that are often only sold in places like Hokkaido and Tokyo and even regional areas like Matsumoto. It’s like you’ll be on a tour around the country, candy-wise. 

Freshness and Quality

Our snacks sourced directly from Japan are delivered fresher and of higher taste quality. Local Japanese production standards often emphasize freshness and unique flavor profiles, so you’ll be able to try a new standard of preparation. 

Cultural Experience

Receiving snacks from Japan offers a cultural experience, allowing you to explore Japanese cuisine and traditions right from your home or work. 

Exclusive Access

Some Japanese snacks are only released in Japan and for a limited time, so ordering from Japan gives you access to exclusive products.

Gifting and Novelty

These snacks are unique gifts for friends and family who appreciate foreign cuisine or are fans of Japanese culture.

A Learning Opportunity

For those interested in the Japanese language and culture, the packaging and bulk candy product descriptions provide an immersive learning experience.

Buy Japanese Candy in Bulk

Buying Japanese candy in bulk offers significant advantages, particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness and variety. 

Purchasing in larger quantities from us at Sakura Box leads to reduced prices per unit, making it a more economical option compared to buying individual items. It also provides the opportunity to sample a wider range of flavors and types of candy, which is ideal for those looking to explore the diverse and unique world of Japanese confections. 

Bulk buying Japanese candy and snacks is also convenient, reducing the frequency of purchases and ensuring a steady supply of your favorite treats. It's especially beneficial for fans of Japanese culture, themed events, or for those who enjoy sharing unique candies with friends and family.

Share in the Japanese Culture of Gift Giving

Gift-giving in Japan is a deeply rooted tradition, embodying more than just the exchange of items; it's a critical aspect of social etiquette and a way of conveying respect, gratitude, and goodwill. 

This practice, integral to Japanese culture, is reflective of the values of thoughtfulness. In Japan, gifts like candy and snacks are often given to express appreciation for favors received, to celebrate special occasions like New Year or weddings, and as a token of goodwill in both personal and business relationships. 

The act of giving, the selection of the gift, and the manner of presentation are all imbued with significance, often more important than the gift itself. 

That's why our curated and bulk collections are colorful and curated, and come in presentable fashions. Now you can give gifts just like the Japanese do and share your respect and love with some tasty snacks and candies.

Shop Online for Japanese Snacks

We have a range of curated boxes for your convenience. Each one is curated and packaged to make the perfect gift and offers a varied sample of Japanese candies: 

Each curated snack box is available for next-day delivery options to anywhere in the USA, and straight to your doorstep. 

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