Tohato Caramel Corn


A small bag of soft but crispy corn puffs with a delightful caramel flavor that will melt in your mouth.

Flavor: Caramel

Collapsible content


Corn grits (produced in Japan), sugar, vegetable oil, peanuts, margarine, maltose, salt, caramel sauce, caramel paste/sorbitol, caramel pigment, flavoring, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), carotenoid pigments, (partially contains milk ingredients and peanuts
)・Including almonds and soybeans)

Nutritional Facts

(Per 20g bag)
Calories 113 kcal
Fat 7g
Sodium 0.1mg
Carbohydrates 11.3g
Protein 1.2g



-Soy Beans

Shelf Life

6 Months