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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Japanese Snack Box?

A Japanese snack box is exactly what it sounds like, with authentic snacks straight from the land of sakura blossoms. But the Japanese treat snacks rather differently from the way we do here in the UK. For Japan, it's an art form, a celebration of taste and presentation. 

What Snacks Can I Expect in a Japanese Snack Box?

We pack plenty of tasty Japanese chocolates, cookies, wafers, umaibo, share packs of senbei rice crackers, fried ramen, potato snacks, caramel corn, various ramune and soft candy.

Are Japanese Snack Boxes Appropriate for Gifting?

Certainly! Japanese snack boxes make ideal gifts due to their unique flavours, eye-catching packaging, and the experience of exploring a different culture's treats. They cater to a variety of tastes, from sweet to savoury. 

Do you Offer Halal or Vegetarian Japanese Snack Boxes?

We do! Our 30-Piece Vegetarian/Halal Friendly Dagashi Set, is the perfect vegetarian snack option to cater to a diverse range of dietary requirements. Now you can get a gift that ensures inclusivity at a range of gatherings. 

What Sizes of Japanese Snack Boxes Are Available?

We have a variety of sizes for our authentic Japanese snack boxes:

Curated Sizes: 

How Do I Order a Japanese Snack Box?

We provide carefully curated snacks and next-day delivery options to anywhere in the UK.

Japanese Snack Boxes

At Sakura Box, we love the taste of authentic Japanese food, especially their snacks and candies. That's why we hand-pick authentic Japanese snack boxes and deliver them straight to your door.