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30 Piece Vegetarian/Halal Friendly Dagashi Gift Box

30 Piece Vegetarian/Halal Friendly Dagashi Gift Box

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Vegetarian & Halal Japanese Snack Box

With Vegetarian & Halal Japanese Snack Boxes, everyone can join in the fun no matter their dietary preferences. With carefully curated boxes that showcase the best candy Japan has to offer, these vegetarian-friendly snacks and confectionery never compromise on taste or presentation. 

At Sakura Box, we know that sharing the perfect gifts with your friends, families and coworkers brings everyone closer together. Our curated Japanese candy range offers a wide selection of Japanese candy for you to share, but it can be difficult to accommodate for different dietary preferences. That's where our Halal Japanese Snack Boxes and Vegetarian Snack Boxes come in!

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Explore the World of Japanese Vegetarian Snacks

Our collection of curated vegetarian Japanese snacks is a delightful journey into the heart of Japan's culinary artistry, featuring an array of treats like the honey-drizzled savory senbei rice crackers, the sweet mochi plenty of fruity flavors, and a range of Kit Kats with exotic tastes only found in Japan. 

Each vegetarian snack box is crafted with care, and comes with an extensive product information booklet, so you can see the exact ingredients for every piece of candy and snack in the box. 

These vegetarian-friendly snacks make an excellent gift for those special in your life, offering a taste of Japanese tradition and candy innovation.

Why Choose Japanese Savory Snacks

Japanese savory snacks aren’t just an alternative for a sweet-tooth, they have a range of qualities that make them a great gift for sharing. Here’s why we love these Japanese vegetarian savory snacks: 

Unique Flavors

Our snacks offer an incredibly wide range of flavors that are often unique to Japan, such as umami-rich seaweed, tangy pickled plum (ume), and the distinct taste of wasabi. This diversity provides a culinary adventure for the palate, introducing snackers to flavor combinations that are rare or nonexistent in other cuisines.

Innovative Textures

Japanese snack manufacturers excel in creating treats with exotic and varied textures, from the light and airy crispness of rice crackers (senbei) to the satisfying crunch of wasabi peas. This focus on the sensory experience of snacking adds a delightful dimension beyond just taste.

High-Quality Ingredients

There is a strong emphasis on the quality and freshness of ingredients in Japanese cuisine, and this extends to their savory snacks as well. Many snacks are made with premium, natural ingredients without the heavy reliance on artificial flavors and preservatives found in many Western snacks.

Cultural Experience

Trying Japanese savory snacks is not just about enjoying new candies, it's also an accessible way to experience a piece of Japanese food culture. Snacks like nori maki arare (seaweed-wrapped rice crackers) and squid jerky reflect traditional Japanese culinary practices and seasonal festivities, offering a glimpse into the country's rich cultural heritage through food.

Curated Selection of Halal Japanese Candy

Our Halal Japanese candy packs include traditional Japanese sweets that are made in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. These candies ensure that all ingredients and the production process comply with Halal standards, which among other things, prohibit the use of alcohol, certain animal products not slaughtered in a Halal manner, and any form of cross-contamination with non-Halal substances. 

Manufacturers of Halal Japanese candy often use plant-based ingredients and Halal-certified gelatin to cater to Muslim consumers, while still maintaining the authentic taste and artistic presentation characteristic of Japanese confectionery. This includes popular treats like mochi and hard candies which are enjoyed for their unique flavors, ranging from matcha (green tea) to sakura (cherry blossom). The availability of Halal Japanese candy has made it possible for Muslim consumers around the world to enjoy these traditional sweets without compromising their dietary restrictions.

Buy Japanese Vegetarian & Halal Snacks Online

With curated Japanese candies and fast delivery all across Northern America, you’ll be getting your savory snacks straight from Japan. Normally you will receive your package in 1-3 working days. If your package is handled by DHL it usually takes 3-5 working days.

With speedy delivery and plenty to choose from, now is the time to try Japanese savory snacks and share the experience! 

How Do I Order My Vegetarian and Halal Japanese Snacks?

Right here at Sakura Box! We provide halal and vegetarian next-day delivery options to anywhere in the USA, straight to your doorstep. 

Check out our general FAQs and learn about our savory snacks from Japan. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly.