Our Story

The Beginning of the Story

Founder and Co-Director Adam had a love for Japanese gifts ever since his teenage years playing tennis in Australia. When his friends returned from Japan with pockets full of Japanese candy, Adam couldn’t believe the intricate detail and unique flavors. 

In the year 2000, Adam moved to Japan, where he met his lovely wife Yoriko, now Co-Director (and his real boss!) Cut to 12 years later and the pair started Japan2oz where Adam continued his long-lasting passion of bringing Japanese treats to the West, starting with his home of Australia. But Adam and Yoriko couldn’t do it alone… 

Our Amazing Team

Yoriko started to recruit more moms in Japan, starting with Saori, one of her close ‘Mama friends’ and Ami, who still picks and packs the curated Dagashi Snack & Candy Boxes together with her sister Miki. As time went on, more moms, linked through their children’s kindergartens, schools and other community activities, joined in to help curate and pack the Japanese snack boxes for families to enjoy and share all across the world.

Now there are well over a dozen hard-working moms with us, who help pick the best Japanese treats & goodies in a vibrant (and somewhat rowdy) work environment. Sometimes it takes a village, and that's exactly what we got! 

Many of the original team from 2017 are still with us, because they simply love it here, with a few part-timers with flexible hours to balance their work time with time at home looking after their families. With over ten years of experience, we understand that when it comes to all things beautiful in Japanese culture, the local moms know best. 

The Start of Sakura Box

In 2018, Sakura Box was finally launched, with a new focus on bringing carefully curated Food & Drink in beautiful packaging to the world.

The Dagashi line of snacks came first, adapted from 5 years' worth of feedback from thousands of boxes. We know our customers care about presentation, careful selections and product information so they can easily share with their families and friends. 

In 2020 came the launch of the Sakura Box website, with the help of Adam’s brother Luke. It’s a family affair, and everything we do is to help families just like yours experience a little slice of Japanese culture, picked by those who understand it best. 

Thinking About the Future

After the pandemic, our group of family and close friends had to fight to keep sales up, but our amazing team pulled through. 

We want to bring you more treats from Japan, with: 

and even more exciting things to come! 

Sakura Box will be bringing you all things magical from Japan, picked by mums, for mums and anyone who wants to experience Japanese culture. 

Explore our Range of Japanese Snack Boxes

We have a range of curated boxes for you to choonse from. Each one is designed to make the perfect gift for your family, friends, or coworkers at the office. Whether your kids want to share them on the playground, or you want to give a unique gift for the holidays, there's plenty of opportunity to indulge and give others a small taste of Japan.

Our range is available in our curated dagashi boxes with no subscription required to get these boxes delivered to you, so you have the freedom to start or end whenever you want. 

Each curated snack box is available for next-day delivery options to anywhere in the USA, and straight to your doorstep. To help you decide, every box you order comes with our 30-day refund policy, in case you change your mind (just remember that the box must be in the same condition that you received it). 

Check out our general FAQs if you have any questions regarding our range or delivery across North America or please feel free to contact us directly.