Cream Collon ‘Otano no milk’

クリームコロン 大人のミルク

(Otona no Milk = ‘Adult Milk’) - Scorched milk paste made with European style cream and wrapped with a bitter-sweet caramel-flavored waffle. You can enjoy a full box of these petite elegant sweets by Glico Japan.

Collapsible content


Shortening (domestic), sugar, flour, maltose, dextrin, chicken egg, whole milk powder, milk seasoning, roasted milk paste, dried egg white, lactose, reduced starch syrup, caramelized powder, Western liquor, salt/emulsifier, flavoring (partly egg/milk ingredient, wheat/soybean)

Nutritional Facts

Per 48g Box
Calories 275 kcal
Fat 17.4g
Sodium 43mg
Carbohydrates 27.1g
Protein 2.4g

Per 13.5g Bag
Energy 76 kcal
0.6g protein
4.6g lipid
8.0g carbohydrates
0.025 g of salt equivalent



-Milk Ingredients


-Soy Beans

Shelf Life

12 Months