Giant Caprico Strawberry

ジャイアント カプリコ いちご

A crunchy wafer cone filled with aerated strawberry and milk chocolate similar in size to an actual soft serve and just as yummy! Made by Glico Japan, this sweet but light snack is 6 inches long and weighs around 34g/1.2oz and has been formulated to resist heat/melting.

Collapsible content


Sugar, vegetable oils, lactose, corn (flour, starch, sugar, vegetable oils, yeast extracts, salt), cocoa butter, whole milk, cacao trout, whey powder/emulsifier, coloring (aca beet, caramel pigment), flavoring, inflator, acidifier (partly milk ingredients, flour, soybeans)

Nutritional Facts

Per 34g pack
Calories 192 kcal
Fat 11.8g
Sodium 24mg
Carbohydrates 20g
Protein 1.5g



-Soy Beans

Shelf Life

9 Months