Hi-Chew Fanta Assortment


A soft candy that easily creates excitement in everyday life with a juicy fruit flavor and a unique chewy texture.

Collapsible content


Sugar (produced in Japan), starch syrup, gummy (starch syrup, sugar, gelatin, tapioca starch, wafer), vegetable oil, gelatin, dextrin/acidulant, glycerin, emulsifier, fragrance, brightener, gardenia blue pigment, safflower yellow pigment, paprika pigment, concentrated grape juice/acidifier, concentrated orange juice/acidulant, red cabbage pigment, benicouji pigment.

Nutritional Facts

(Per 4.3g bag)
Calories 18kcal
Fat .34g
Sodium 0g
Carbohydrates 3.6g
Protein 0.7g







Shelf Life

12 Months